Autism Good Feeling Questionnaire


Autism and good feeling smallThere is increasing evidence for a higher risk for mental health problems in autism with worrying prevalence numbers for depression and anxiety  (Ghaziuddin, 2005; Stewart et al., 2006; White et al., 2009; van Steensel, Bögels and Perrin, 2011; Strang et al., 2012). These studies have drawn a lot of attention, resulting in a focus on assessing, preventing and treating mental health problems in autism. Although this is undoubtedly a step forward in the development of strategies to improve quality of life, it still reflects a focus on negative feelings. According to Joseph and Wood (2010) clinical psychology and psychiatry have been using a restricted and negative view of well-being, defining it as “an absence of distress and dysfunction” (p. 831). Joseph and Wood argue in favour of a more positive approach and call for the adoption of measures of positive functioning and to strive towards what is called ‘flourishing’ in…

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